Manage Your Portfolio from the Platform

With Brokerage Integration you can trade directly from the platform with select brokerage firms.  Currently TD Ameritrade and Choice Trade are available.  With more on the way.



Updating Journal Entries

Updating closed or adjusted trades in the Journal Tab is easy by the following steps:

1.  Go to the Order Status Tab, change the default “Today” in the upper-right area of the tab for previously executed trades.

2.  Click “Journal” for the trade you want to update.

3.   You can add Notes, #tags, outlook to be included in the Journal.  Click “Save”.  (Note the Account Name where this trade will appear)

4.  The trade is now updated in the Journal Tab.  Expand the tab to see trade detail: Number of days in the trade, the profit (loss), order execution details, notes, tags, the Account Name containing the trade, etc.

The Analytics section will update using tags from these trades, further assisting in tracking progress in your trading.


Add New #tags and Auto-Tagging

Trade Finder Scans have #tags that will automatically appear on the corresponding trade tabs in the Journal, such as #BullCall, #BullPut or #CoveredCall, for example.   Trades built manually will default to #custom.  In addition, trades that have expired will be auto-tagged: #expiration.

You can revise these tags and/or add your own, by the following steps:
1.  On the Journal Tab, select the Trade entry you wish to edit by clicking on the Pencil Icon.
2.  In the Tags section (lower part of box), start typing the word/phrase you wish to use.  Example:  favorite
(It is not necessary to enter the ‘#’ symbol first).
3. Click on “Add (#NewTag)“, then Save.
4. The new Tag will be on the individual Trade tab and the Analytics section of the Journal.