Under the “Find” Tab, Calendar allows one to search for companies paying dividends or releasing Earning reports.  Both are important to know prior to considering entering a trade.

Select “Div” or “EPS” by calendar date.   Use the drop-down menu on the upper left corner to select S & P 500 stocks,  All Equities, Optionable, etc.

Use the navigational buttons on the upper right, above the calendar to move the time period forward or back.

Once selected, the stock symbols will automatically populate the right side of the screen.  The navigational icons, allow you to perform such functions as select/adding/managing icons to send to a Watchlist or to Research,  you can also further Filter candidates.

This process is the same for Dividends as Earnings.   Of course, wherever there is a list of stock symbols, the icon for List/Tile View is available.