Life of Trade Journal View

Life Of The Trade

“Life of Trade” View in the Journal offers another way to view your trading activity and results.

Trades are grouped by Symbol, making it easier to follow the trade from Open-Adjust-Close – along with any Assigning/Exercising of the underlying stock.

This view further allows you to sort by Account, Symbol, etc for more targeted analysis.

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Export Reports (Desktop)

Clicking on  located on the upper left corner of the Positions and Gains tabs allows you to export that information as a .csv file.

The Journal  give you the ability to export reports in a PDF file on your desktop platform.  But that’s just the beginning.

You can export from the Transaction or Reconciliation view filtered by Account, Symbol, Tags, Notes and/or Date Range.

Life of Trade View also allows you to filter by Order Status in addition to the above criteria for even more focused report.   Only want to print Closed Trades?  Want to see how many trades are Unmatched?  Select those filters.

The top of your Journal report displays the Tag Summary based upon the account(s) and filtering criteria selected.

The trade detail report displays the status, Open, Close, Expire  with a color code of the trade:  Blue=Open,  Green=Profit,  Red=Loss,  Yellow=Unmatched.

Life Of Trade Icon/Color Codes

The Life of Trade Icon and Tab/Trade entry color show help you identify the status of your trades.

Icon Display and Color Coding 

Note: Orders are automatically updated when you login to your trading account, whether Live, Virtual or Manual

Blue – Hollow Dots – No Connection

Active Order or Open Original Trade

Yellow – Hollow Dots – Open Connection

The Original Trade has been adjusted, but is still an Active Trade

Yellow – Solid Dots – Closed Connection

The Trade and any Adjustments have been closed, but one or more entries need to be
            Matched or Reconciled

Green – Solid Dots – Closed Connection

Closed trade – which includes any adjustments – resulting in a Profit

Red – Solid Dots – Closed Connection

Closed Trade – which includes any adjustments – resulting in a Loss

Trade Entry Lines

Note: Depending on the Theme used, the following colors will vary. The bar color denotes whether the trade needs action – such as Reconciliation or Matching to another trade.

Blue Line

No action needed on these entries.   The colored left tab shows the status of each trade:
Blue: (Open Trade, hollow dots, no connection),  Yellow: (Adjusted, hollow dots, partial connection),  Red: Loss (Closed, solid dots, connected),  Green: Profit (Closed, solid dots, connected)

Yellow Line

Action is needed on these trade entries.   The Trade may have gone through Expiration and needs to be Reconciled.  By clicking on the Trade Line, the Trade Tab will display:

Once the action is completed, the entry will update on all Journal tables including the  Tags, P/L Graph & Insight tabs.

It is important to reconcile expired trades to properly display profit and provide updated analytical information on your trading success.

More Info on Journal Trade Tab Detail

Color Codes of The Trade Journal

The Tabs on the Journal are Color Coded for Easy Understanding of the Trade

Primary Tab Color Coding   (see below for expiration tab coding)

Note: Orders are automatically updated when you check order status. Just make sure to select the time frame to cover the trades that need updating

Light Blue

Active Live Order
This indicates that you have a current live order

Dark Blue

Trade – Open
This indicates the opening transaction of a trade


Expired or Canceled Order
This can be from a order that you canceled, or a day order that did not get filled


Closed Trade – Profit
This indicates a trade that you closed for a profit


Closed Trade – Loss
This indicated a trade that you closed for a loss


Closed Trade – Unmatched – Requires action to match to related
trade.  Expand tab to see detail of trade.


Unmatched Trades can happen if there are multiple trades and an entry trade needs to be identified or because a multi-leg trade was split on exit, or change of stock position when an option expired (exercise/assignment)

This is easily matched by clicking the edit icon (pencil) and selected which open order to match to.  In some cases there may only be one, and it is simply a verification.

Expiration Tab/Tagging Colors

Red or Green with No Color Tagging

This indicated the option trade expired Out of the Money (OTM)
There were no options exercised or assigned through expiration

Red or Green with Dark Green Color Tag

This indicated that there were ITM options exercised/assigned
However, there was no change is stock ownership.  Example: Bull Call where both legs were exercised/assigned.

Red or Green with Yellow Color Tag

This indicates a change in stock ownership through exercise/assignment
This will happen with single leg options trade or where one leg of a spread was ITM at expiration

It is important to reconcile expired traded to properly display profit. If there are unreconciled expired options, the reconciliation window will automatically display when you go to the options tab.

Click Here for Life Of Trade Icon/Color Codes


Manage Your Portfolio from the Platform

With Brokerage Integration you can trade directly from the platform with select brokerage firms.  Currently TD Ameritrade and Choice Trade are available.  With more on the way.



Virtual Account Overview

Virtual Trading gives you the real trading experience without risking any money.     It is a valuable “next step” learning tool – designed to mimic the trading experience as closely as possible.

You’ll start with a $100,000 account.  Virtual, of course.

Trades are executed during Market hours – 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. Eastern Time, however there is a 15 minute delay after Market open for orders to begin executing.

As with Live Accounts, there are limits on trades if there is not sufficient Buying Power in your Virtual Account.   There can be expensive Spread/Margin Requirements to adhere to.

Virtual Accounts do have limitations that Live Accounts do not have:

Virtual Accounts are not subject or responsive to Corporate actions such as buyouts, name or symbol changes, stock/option splits and strike price adjustments to name some examples.

Virtual Accounts are “Auto-Journaled”.   This automatically keeps record of all trades for later analysis and reconciling.

These practice accounts are identified by a yellow bar on the left side of the account window.

Virtual Accounts are powered by Choice Trade to provide the real trading experience.