A Manual Account is versatile resource tool which can enhance your trading effectiveness.  You can also use this to track trades from an outside brokerage account.

Use the Manual Account for educational purposes.

  • It offers flexibility and control, while providing the Analytics and Journal to help you reinforce the “Learning to Earning” process.  This allows you to focus on learning the strategies.
  • Place trades any time of day or night –  all get immediately executed at the price entered.   No need for the market to be open.
  • No Buying Power limits – no expensive spread margin requirements to adhere to, no limit on how much you can buy/sell
  • Place trades in the past.
  • Enter trades from Backtest Mode

Use to tracking external accounts

  • Can be used to track trades placed at brokers not integrated into the platform
  • You can enter the date and fill prices of your actual trades
  • This enables portfolio management along with your other accounts
  • You can use full Journal function for tracking your progress

Manual Accounts are identified by a narrow Red Bar and are, by default, Auto-Journaled.

Entering trades in a Manual Account takes only a few steps and is similar to a regular trade.

You can also bring up the ticket from any trade point.   Simply start a trade and select the manual account just like you would select any other account.

(Bold indicates unique to Manual ticket):

1.  Enter the Stock Symbol, or name of Company (Smart search will display potential matches)
2.  If this is a past trade, use the calendar/date picker to select date
3.  Click “Stock”, “Call” or “Put”  to build trade,  change quantity, Expiry and Strike (if applicable)
4.  Bid/Ask will automatically populate if a specific price is not entered
5.  Complete Order Type, Duration and Condition
6.  Click “Review” to confirm information is correct, then ‘Submit” on next screen.

The order will appear in Order Status as “Executed” and operate the same way as other accounts.