Custom Page  – Customize What You Want To See

Custom Page

You’ll find Custom under the Home tab (formerly Market tab).  Trade Central gives you a one-stop view of your selected Stocks/ETFs.   Add Quote Boxes, Multiple Charts and News for your selections and overall Market News.

Rearrange the content to fit your preferences, the platform will adjust to maximize the view according to the device you are using.

This is a flexible feature with a number of ways to structure the Custom page.  The widgets are adjustable, allowing you to rearrange, add, substitute or remove as needed.

Read below to learn more and get started:

Add Widgets

Check the box for “Quote“, “Chart“, and/or “News” and enter quantity for each then click “Enter”.

Add the Symbol in the appropriate box for the data to populate.

Note:  To remove a widget, click the ‘x’ in the upper right corner of the box.

Chart Widget

After adding “Chart” widget and Stock/ETF symbol, click the Gear Icon (upper right corner of widget box) to select:

Time Period: 1 Day, 1 Month, 3 Month,  6 Month or 1 Year
Chart Types:  Candlestick, OHLC or Line
Indicators:  Over a dozen indicators available to add to each chart.  You can edit and remove/change selected indicators on each chart.

Custom lets you add multiple chart set-ups per Symbol for a convenient way to research existing trades or find opportunities.

Widget Settings

Rather than enter a symbol on each Chart, Quote or News component, you can assign a number to each widget.

Then, using the Watchlist displayed on the left side of the screen, click the Action Icon (triangle) to left of Stock Symbol you want to display and assign a number, 1 thru 12

The widgets with that number will automatically populate accordingly.

To change displaying one symbol to another using a Watchlist, simply click on the Action Icon of new Symbol and select the number of the current Symbol you want to replace.

Adjust Custom Display

Adjust the order display by clicking on the Re-Arrange button on the Upper Right corner of Trade Central screen.

The display changes to placeholder bars for easy drag/drop action. Re-Arrange button changes to “In Process“.

Click on the Bulls-Eye icon to the left of the Stock/ETF symbol, then drag/drop to new location.

When completed, click on “Save“, then “In Process” to return to Trade Central main view.