Advanced Analytics

Some strategies are more responsive to time decay and/or volatility than others.   This platform has tools to help analyze these components.

  • Construct the position in the Option Chain table
  • Select the ‘Go Big’ icon on the P&L Graph
  • The Graph shows 3 data points: Current Day, Halfway point to Expiration Day & Expiration Day.  The corresponding legend, immediately below the graph, follows the cursor slider along the graph.
  • The bottom of the screen contains a Calendar (Time) & Volatility Scale.  Both can be manipulated to analyze the position.

Time: You can select a date to analyze as well as user stepper buttons to move day by day backward or forward.

Volatility:   Use the volatility slider or enter a value in the entry box to see the impact of changes in volatility.   The slider bar also displays the current (circle), average (gray), and 1 year high / low of implied volatility (orange portion of the slider) for easy reference.

Backtesting Trade Finder scans

You can ‘look back’ (Backtest) Trade Finder Scans by following these steps:

  1. Select your Scan (example: Bull Put – Stock above 200 SMA).
  2. Click on the Calendar at the top of the screen to select a previous date (clicking on the month allows you to select a previous month, or arrow back to a previous year).
  3. Select stock symbol, click on action icon to ‘Analyze Position’.
  4. The trade template will populate with the specific scan, note the date on the screen is the ‘start date’
  5. Select the Analyze Date, or click ‘EXP’ to analyze the position on Expiration Day. 

By clicking on the ‘Go Big’ icon of the The Trade Price chart shows the Entry and Exit Dates (cross hairs) as well as the behavior of the trade compared to the stock.

Note: Changing the analyze date dynamically changes the data of the P/L chart.