Option Chain Functionality

Option Chain Video

Research>Option Tab,  click on “Expiration Cycle” for  the “Call+Put”, “Calls” or “Puts” view.

Option Chain Expiration Cycles

The Option Chain Expiration Table gives you control of selecting which Expiration Cycle(s) you want to view.

The Option Dashboard provides a wealth of pertinent information to make informed decisions easier.
See below for more detail

Expiration Cycles:  All available options will be displayed. Monthly Options are indicated with an asterick




Select Expiration Cycles

Click ‘OK”

Chain will display for selected   

The Dashboard Scan Tab

Get the current ‘story’ on a stock.

The  Scan Tab is particularly interesting. In addition to providing a list of scans the stock is currently included in, it can give you a “story” about the stock.  Based on the scans that the stock is showing up in, you can get an overview of outlook on the stock.

For example: JNJ shows solid longer term positive outlook.
XOM Shows stagnant with improving longer term outlook

Earnings, Dividends and more...

The far right, lower box in Research provides the following:

Earnings Tab:  Get Earnings date, number of business days until announcement, Estimated and Actual Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) EPS, and link to the prior 12 Quarter Earnings details.

Dividend Tab:  Get Yield, Amount,  Payout Ratio (dividend/EPS), the Ex-Dividend Date (deadline to complete a stock purchase to be entitled to dividends),  Payout information, Frequency and link to the prior 12 Quarter Dividends.

Scans Tab: Quickly view how many & which scans the stock symbol appears on.

Index Tab: Lists the symbol and indices name(s) on which this stock appears.

Split Date:  Provides most recent Split Date, Detail and a link to view Split History


Overview & News

Located in ‘The Dashboard’, the Overview provides a snapshot of the company, including the Sector and Industry.  By clicking on the Industry link, a list of stock symbols in the same category will appear.  The “Stock Detail” list will have current market information and The Score navigational icons.

The News section lists articles covering, related to, or mentioning the selected Company.  Click on any headline to be linked to the full article.