Enabling Notifications

Below is a general guide to enabling Notifications on your Desktop/Laptop and Mobile devices.

Please note:  Settings/Configurations vary by device.  It is important for you to be familiar with your system/device.   When in doubt, refer to the Help function on your computer/phone.  An internet search of ‘How do I…” for your device is also helpful. 


  • Open the Apple Menu
  • Select System Preferences
  • Select Notifications
  • Select Browser

Hint:  While on the platform, click on the Lock Icon in the browser bar to check status of/enable notifications.

Customize how you want Notifications to display.

  • Allow from Browser
  • Banners or Alerts
  • Allow Sound
  • Sort functions  – how often, when, what, etc.


Follow illustrations:  Settings>Notification>App>Customize


  • Click the Windows Icon to access PC Menu
  • Select Settings>System
  • Select “Privacy & Security” on the next window
  • Under “Notifications”, select either “Allow” or “Ask”

Hint:  While on the platform, click on the Lock icon in the browser to check the Notification status


Follow illustrations:  Settings>Notifications>Apps>Customize/Manage

Order Staging (Premium Desktop Feature)

This feature allows the user to save Potential Trades for further consideration to decide the best ones to submit.

Staging is also useful when the Market is closed – to be reviewed when the Market is open to determine if it’s still a high-probability trade.

With one click, you can send to the Research Tab,  Move to an Order Ticket or Delete and move on to the next staged order.

When Trade Sharing is enabled,  Trades made in accounts you are following will be displayed in your Order Staging Tab.   The Source will indicate the Account Name.  Status of “Used” will display for those trades you submit on one of your accounts.
Expired Staged Orders will automatically be removed.