Below is a general guide to enabling Notifications on your Desktop/Laptop and Mobile devices.

Please note:  Settings/Configurations vary by device.  It is important for you to be familiar with your system/device.   When in doubt, refer to the Help function on your computer/phone.  An internet search of ‘How do I…” for your device is also helpful. 


  • Open the Apple Menu
  • Select System Preferences
  • Select Notifications
  • Select Browser

Hint:  While on the platform, click on the Lock Icon in the browser bar to check status of/enable notifications.

Customize how you want Notifications to display.

  • Allow from Browser
  • Banners or Alerts
  • Allow Sound
  • Sort functions  – how often, when, what, etc.


Follow illustrations:  Settings>Notification>App>Customize


  • Click the Windows Icon to access PC Menu
  • Select Settings>System
  • Select “Privacy & Security” on the next window
  • Under “Notifications”, select either “Allow” or “Ask”

Hint:  While on the platform, click on the Lock icon in the browser to check the Notification status


Follow illustrations:  Settings>Notifications>Apps>Customize/Manage