The Trade Finder Templates are designed to allow you to ‘visually trade’.

When evaluating a position, a Bull Put for example, the template automatically sets up the trade.  You can use the rolling icons to adjust the position:  Roll the position up/down, roll out the time frame, adjust the strikes, etc.   You can even adjust the Net Credit(Debit) of the trade in an attempt to get a more favorable entry cost/credit.

The Performance Channels show the profit/loss of the position.

The P/L summary at the bottom left of the screen shows the Risk/Reward ratio,  Net/Total Credit (Debit),the break-even stock price point,  the max reward/max risk with corresponding stock price.

A snapshot on the right side of the screen, provides a visual structure of the strategy, what market conditions are favorable to the trade, whether volatility and/or time positively, negatively or is neutralized by the strategy.

Greeks and Volatility are also shown.


Once satisfied with the position set-up, click ‘Trade’ and the order will auto-fill in the “Order Ticket” of your brokerage account.

Important!  While adjustments may to the template may be made, the system limits what can be changed in order to stay within the constraints of the strategy.  This safety measure ensures you stay in the type of trade you intend to be in.