Want to keep record of backtested trades?  

Send them to the Manual Account.  While in Backtest Mode,  structure your trade as usual in the Options Chain or in a Strategy Template. Then click “Save”.
The “Trade” button becomes “Save” when in Backtest Mode.

You have the option of saving the Entry or Entry and Exit of the trade.  Each tab has specific information such as Total Cost when opening the trade and Total Credit (Debit) when Exiting the Trade.


You’ll have the option to Save both the Entry and Exit positions on the “ticket”.  You can also choose to save only the Entry OR Exit if you wish.  So if you want to post an opening trade on a past date, but still have it open now, you can Save Entry Only on the Entry part of the Ticket.

Journal too

Once saved, you can see these trades in your Journal.  You can add notes and tags.  Simply click Journal in Order Status, or edit in the Journal.