Market – The Big Picture

Start here for the overall outlook. Designed to show what the overall markets are doing by viewing the graphs, charts [...]
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Market Overview: Get more of a broad view

View activity of the NYSE, Nasdaq or American Stock Exchange by time frame.  The upper area of this part of [...]
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Market – Index Overview

In the default Graph View, get an visual view of Market or Volatility Index activity by a 1-day or 1, [...]
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Advanced/Declined & Highs/Lows

The Graphs on the left side of the Market page can provide confirmation of whether there was a Rally or [...]
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Tile View Sizes

Tile View is available in 3 sizes on the Market or Watch Tabs. Scans and Earnings/Dividends Calendar under the Find tab [...]
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Smart Action Icon

The Smart Action Icon  adjusts available features depending upon where you are in the trading platform. For Stocks you can [...]
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Heat Map & Spectrum Overview

Broad Market Insight that allows you to drill down The Heat Maps are accessible in the Market tab and under Find>Explore and [...]
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Industry Performance Bar Chart

The Bar Chart is located on the Market Tab and updates dynamically with selected Heat Map Index and Time Frame.  [...]
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Spectrum Map View

In the Spectrum view, each column represents the slice of time selected: Day, Week, Month or Trailing Quarter.  Once the [...]
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Quote Detail without leaving the List

A quick snapshot of a stock with navigational tools. The Action Arrow Icon will provide a pop-up Quote Detail window [...]
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Explore – Give it a try!

From finding the best stock in the best sector to following where the money is flowing to and from, Heat [...]
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Other Navigation

Icons = Navigation The Action (Arrow) icon will provide different actions depending on where you are in the platform.  For [...]
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