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Platform Features Release: Additional Alert Functionality, Watch List Alerts, Info Button, Trade from Charts

Features Release Notes: Additional Alert Capability,  Set Watchlist Alerts, Alert Management Info Button, New Trade Button on Charts Announcing:  Expanded [...]
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Alert Functionality (Premium Desktop Feature)

Alert Functionality Alerts can greatly improve trading effectiveness by notifying you on a potential trade opportunity and help you decide [...]
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Custom (Premium Desktop Feature)

Custom Page  – Customize What You Want To See Custom Page You’ll find Custom under the Home tab (formerly Market [...]
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List or Tile View

View any list in traditional List View or Tile View —both show The Score. Tile View shows thumbnail charts of [...]
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Create Watchlists

The Market & Watch Tab Icon ToolBar allows you to Create/Modify/Manage your Lists. Hover your cursor over the icon to view [...]
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Icon Navigation

More than a picture, icons will help guide you through the trading process. This graphic shows the function of some [...]
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Tile View Sizes

Tile View is available in 3 sizes on the Market or Watch Tabs. Scans and Earnings/Dividends Calendar under the Find tab [...]
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Smart Action Icon

The Smart Action Icon  adjusts available features depending upon where you are in the trading platform. For Stocks you can [...]
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Sending from One “List” to Another

You can send symbols from any list, including Find, Explore, Actives, to your Watch lists — including from one watch [...]
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Don’t Know the Symbol?

No Problem You can search for symbols from several entry points including “Market” and “Watch”. Simply start typing all or [...]
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Multi-Select Stocks

Multi-select lets you choose a group of stocks. Once selected you can go to research, send to another list, create [...]
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Heat Maps Too

The Heat Maps on the Market page offer the ability to drill down to the stock level.  You are able [...]
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